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Vegan Parmesan Cheese – Sharon Palmer, The Plant Powered Dietitian

Did you know you can make the best vegan parmesan cheese made out of raw cashews and a few simple ingredients? Yes, you can skip the more processed faux “Parmesan” cheese by making your own house-made, plant-based batch with just three ingredients in mere minutes. This Vegan Parmesan Cheese (which is also gluten-free) is a go-to ingredient in my house. I like to mix up a batch, and store it in a glass jar to pull out to use as toppings on pasta, pizza, sandwiches, soups, stews, casseroles, and even popcorn.

Vegan Parmesan Cheese

Vegan Parmesan Cheese
Start with raw cashews to make this recipe.

All you have to do is blend up raw cashews in a food processor or blender with nutritional yeast and a bit of salt (which is optional) until they achieve that perfect texture, and you’re all set! Keep this recipe on hand in the fridge, and it will last for a few months.


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Vegan Parmesan Cheese

  • Author:
    The Plant-Powered Dietitian

  • Yield:
    12 servings 1x


Learn how to make the best vegan parmesan cheese with this easy recipe featuring cashews and a few pantry ingredients.


  1. Place raw cashews, nutritional yeast, and salt into the container of a food processor or blender.
  2. Grind until it achieves a fine, sandy-grainy texture, similar to Parmesan. If you grind too finely, it may start turning into a paste (which you don’t want!).
  3. Remove from processor or blender and transfer to a glass jar with a cover. Store in the refrigerator. Lasts for up to 3 months refrigerated.
  4. Makes about 3/4 cup (about 12 1-tablespoon servings).
  5. Sprinkle as desired over pasta dishes, lasagna, stews, casseroles, sandwiches, or popcorn. May use in any recipe that calls for Parmesan cheese.

Try this recipe on some of my favorite dishes:

Pasta with Marinara and Roasted Vegetables
Baked Polenta with Oven Roasted Mushrooms
Lentil Walnut Bolognese with Spaghetti
Mushroom Bomb Lentil Pasta
Vegan Baked Mediterranean Lasagna
Swiss Chard Pecan Lasagna

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