Saturday, March 25, 2023

The Sacramento Zoo is Celebrating the Birth

Shani the giraffe gave birth to a female calf on Sunday, January 22, at 12:28pm. Her Sacramento Zoo zookeepers noted signs of an impending birth on January 18, and Shani was moved into the maternity stall of the giraffe barn to be monitored. Although animal care and veterinary teams were suspicious that she might still be pregnant, just not on her original timeline, there were no definitive signs until very recently.

The Sacramento Zoo is Celebrating the Birth

We are thrilled to announce that Shani’s calf is healthy and nursing well from mom. The pair will be given bonding time but may be visible at their habitat’s side yard periodically over the next few weeks. The official debut date will be dependent on the health and welfare of mom and calf. Keep an eye out on SacZoo’s social media pages for when this new addition to the herd will be visible!


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