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Maya’s Legacy: Honoring Maya Cow and Our Work

My initial connection to FS came through my wonderful (late) wife Rena Roseman, a huge FS fan. When I saw firsthand FS’ vital work, combined with their public commitment to eliminating animal cruelty and establishing a just relationship with these fellow earthlings, I was hooked. For me, the environmental and climate benefits of ending factory farming are a bonus, since my work involves accelerating clean energy.

I also want my investments to reflect my values, and so it was an easy decision to include FS in my estate plans. Rena had done this, and through managing her donation, I came to know that FS is an excellent steward of its resources, and can deploy them effectively for both its sanctuaries and policies. By contributing to FS every year, and in my estate, I know that I will have a long-term impact for animals, for kindness, and for the planet.

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