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Least Grebe

Least Grebe

  • Scientific Name: Tachybaptus dominicus
  • Name in Spanish (Mexico): Zambullidor Menor
  • Name in Mayan: Xpatux já
  • ABA 4-Letter Bird Code: LEGR
  • Family: Podicipedidae – Grebes
  • Order: Podicipediformes – Grebes
Least Grebes Image © Jim Gain

About this Bird

The Least Grebe (Tachybaptus dominicus) is a small waterbird that inhabits freshwater wetlands throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. They are primarily found in shallow water bodies, such as ponds, marshes, and slow-moving streams, where they can easily dive to catch prey such as fish, insects, and small crustaceans.

Least Grebe Image © Jim Gain

These birds are highly adapted to their aquatic lifestyle, with their lobed toes and waterproof plumage allowing them to swim and dive with ease. During the breeding season, males will establish territories and perform courtship displays, which involve a variety of vocalizations and head bobbing movements.

Least Grebe Image © Jim Gain

Although the Least Grebe is not currently considered a threatened species, habitat loss and degradation due to human activities such as agriculture and urbanization pose a potential threat to their populations. Conservation efforts, such as wetland restoration and protection, can help to ensure the continued survival of this unique and important species in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Least Grebe Image © Jim Gain

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