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DR ELLIE CANNON: If assessments say all is ok, why am I so

I’m struggling terribly from wind – and what looks like air bubbles in my abdomen. I’ve had limitless assessments, all of which confirmed unfavourable outcomes. I’ve misplaced about two stone over the previous three years with out making an attempt, and I am most likely underweight lately. Assist please!

It’s distressing to endure uncomfortable signs when no trigger might be discovered. Weight reduction for no purpose generally is a pink flag for one thing sinister, reminiscent of most cancers. However after intensive testing, this is able to usually have been discovered, or it will have change into so severe it will be apparent.

If fuel, or trapped wind because it’s generally referred to as, is an issue, it would really feel like there’s not a lot room for meals.

If this can be a persistent, the GP or a dietician may assist with dietary supplements reminiscent of dietary drinks which are full of energy, so solely a bit of must be consumed.

DR ELLIE CANNON: If assessments say all is ok, why am I so

I’m struggling terribly from wind – and what looks like air bubbles in my abdomen (file photograph)

Extra fuel within the digestive system usually comes from swallowing a number of air with meals. This could occur when a affected person has issues with their enamel, reminiscent of poorly becoming dentures, which means it takes a very long time to eat and chew, or from having too many fizzy drinks.

It might additionally occur if fuel is developing into the abdomen from the gut. This should not happen, as there’s a closing ring of muscle on the junction between the 2 organs that stops back-flow. However in some folks, this muscle is weak and fuel builds up.

One take a look at that is generally not carried out is the one for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, or SIBO.

This situation happens when micro organism within the bowel which create a number of fuel migrate into the small gut, the place they don’t seem to be speculated to be.

We all know this results in weight reduction and extra fuel and bloating.

SIBO might be examined with an endoscopy or a hydrogen breath take a look at within the hospital, and is handled with a specialised course of antibiotics.

Are you able to assist me with a weird downside? It appears as if each time I flip my neck, I hear an odd noise, like a automotive driving over gravel. I’ve skilled this for a few years – however there is not any ache. Ought to I be fearful? I’m 68.

Listening to noises whenever you transfer your head and neck is not a standard downside. Having mentioned that, it is not essentially regarding. The neck joints are made up of the neck bones referred to as vertebra, stacked on high of one another with discs in between.

The joints that transfer when the neck turns are referred to as aspect joints.

Lubricating fluid and ligaments are additionally concerned, to permit for easy, simple actions.

It seems as though every time I turn my neck, I hear a strange noise, like a car driving over gravel (file photo)

It appears as if each time I flip my neck, I hear an odd noise, like a automotive driving over gravel (file photograph)


Extra from Dr Ellie Cannon for The Mail on Sunday…

When joints make a noise, docs name it crepitus – and it could actually occur in any joint within the physique, with or with out ache.

When it’s within the neck, it’s almost definitely resulting from tough spinal bones rubbing towards one another, or ligaments rubbing towards the bones. As we age, the discs between the bones shrink, which inspires the joints to rub and change into worn down.

Additionally, air bubbles throughout the lubricating fluid can pop, inflicting an odd sound. Though this may occur in any joint, when it occurs within the neck, we are able to hear it clearly, as it’s near the ears.

If this has gone on for a very long time with no different signs, it isn’t essential to do something about it. Most probably, there may be some arthritis or put on and tear within the joints. There could also be issues additional down the road with ache or stiffness.

At this stage, it might be value preventative remedy for the neck to keep away from future issues, reminiscent of strengthening workouts, therapeutic massage or osteopathy.

I’m prediabetic and chubby and the GP says I need to train to enhance my well being. However each time I run for 5 minutes, I get so out of breath that I’ve to cease. I’m discovering it very exhausting to construct stamina. I’ve tried sports activities reminiscent of tennis however I believe I want one thing extra intensive to shift the load.

GPs usually advise sufferers to take up train with out contemplating what kind of bodily exercise is most applicable for them or the way it will match into their on a regular basis life.

When sufferers are informed to train, they’re usually tempted to start out one thing dramatic. However that shall be very tough to keep up in case your health is poor to start with.

Do you could have a query for Dr Ellie?

E-mail DrEllie@mailonsunday.co.uk or write to Well being, The Mail on Sunday, 2 Derry Avenue, London, W8 5TT.

Dr Ellie can solely reply in a common context and can’t reply to particular person circumstances, or give private replies. When you’ve got a well being concern, at all times seek the advice of your individual GP.

Sufferers rapidly change into demoralised, which makes it exhausting to maintain going.

I’d begin otherwise.

You can start by strolling on daily basis for no less than half-hour or 10,000 steps.

You do not have to stay to this actual quantity, however is an effective benchmark. It’s going to get the physique shifting on daily basis, enhancing stamina and health.

This consists of strolling up and down stairs, visiting the outlets and home tasks. Utilizing a step counter would assist.

Most unfit folks will not have the ability to run repeatedly for greater than 5 minutes, however cardio workouts are necessary to start out shifting the load.

YouTube has a number of simple at-home exercises to do 3 times every week.

Additionally, there may be some reality to the phrase ‘you may’t run off a nasty weight-reduction plan’ on the subject of weight reduction. It is rather tough to shift weight with train alone – so change what you eat.

A low-GI weight-reduction plan works nicely for prediabetes, as does any low-calorie consuming plan.

Is the physician seeing you now? I might prefer to know

When was the final time you noticed your GP face-to-face? After the difficulties confronted by sufferers over the previous few years, issues appear to be returning to one thing resembling regular.

In July, there have been 26 million appointments, 65 per cent (17 million) in particular person, and 11 million same-day consultations. Pre-pandemic, roughly 80 per cent of appointments had been face-to-face.

When was the last time you saw your GP face-to-face?

When was the final time you noticed your GP face-to-face?

Covid helped us get higher at finding out who actually must be seen however I am conscious this is not a uniform image.

Final week a buddy informed me her mom within the Midlands, who has difficult well being wants, hasn’t seen her GP since 2019.

Letters from readers paint an analogous image. When you’ve had issues like this, or should not pleased with the assist your GP is providing, I might like to listen to from you. E-mail me on the tackle beneath.

Ditch doomsters to surf safely

It’s pretty nicely accepted that social media can have an effect on well being, whether or not by way of dodgy recommendation from ‘influencers’ or the oblique psychological impact of scrolling via doom-laden information and ranting on Twitter.

So I used to be happy that youth psychological well being charity Past has launched a brand new marketing campaign: #SurfSocialSafely. It has some nice recommendation, which I already observe: mute or block accounts that do not encourage or inspire, and set scrolling deadlines.

The charity suggests sporting a watch and charging your telephone away from the bed room, so that you just’re not tempted to examine it on a regular basis.

So as to add to that, I’ve deleted Fb, and each my teenagers have left the putrid cesspit of TikTok. Mainly, the extra you restrict these things, the higher you may really feel. Belief me.

, DR ELLIE CANNON: If assessments say all is ok, why am I so, #ELLIE #CANNONIf #assessments #advantageous,

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