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Clever Worker Quits & Gets Rehired to Qualify for

“Only for new hires? Fine.” Posted by u/tpb772000

Clever Worker Quits & Gets Rehired to Qualify for

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“Beats me, I guess he wanted to save money but keep a few people for the busy season.” said OP.

“At least you made his turnover rate higher by quitting and replying, bet that makes a good impression when he asks for a raid/s” said u/Temutschin.

“I know I wasn’t the most important employee and highly replaceable but when your turnover rate is so bad you go up on .75 starting pay you need to keep the employees you have.” said OP.

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“Lol that’s gold that HR manager sounds awesome. When did your manager find out about your increase?” said OP.

“That same day. HR sent down the new hire paperwork for him to sign. He did try to change my pay rate to a lesser amount. HR said no. I only worked there for about another 4 months, but that was longer than him. He got shit canned canned about 3 weeks after i was rehired.” said u/KaelKorven.

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