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A Platter of Memes That Are Ready to Pick At – Memebase

A Platter of Memes That Are Ready to Pick At – Memebase,

Too much choice can be a bad thing. Deep down, we’re simple creatures, and all we want is for someone to point us in the direction of what to do and how to do it. The sprawling anarchy for the internet hasn’t been good for us in that way, because it has exposed us to a lot of random information that it is pretty hard to process all at once. 

So, that’s where we step in to streamline things — at least when it comes to the meme side. We’ve trawled through a few different funny images and stuck them together for you viewing pleasure. It takes some of the stress away from the process, which is good, because these things aren’t meant to raise our blood pressure. Well, not most of the time, anyway. Prepare a beverage of your choice, sit back, and enjoy the scroll. Having a good time is your priority right now.

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