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3 Scalp Massage Tips To Reduce Anxiety & Encourage Hair

3 Scalp Massage Tips To Reduce Anxiety & Encourage Hair

After your scalp massage, you’ll want to thoroughly rinse out the lingering product—that’s why many choose to massage with a pre-shampoo treatment, like a rich, luxurious oil. Feel free to shampoo and condition your hair as usual, but Reed recommends topping off your shower with a shot of cold water if you can.

Not only does cool water help the scalp retain its moisture, but it also seals down the hair cuticles and helps lock moisture into the strands themselves. The result? Smoother, shinier, less frizzy hair. 

But according to Reed, the cold water rinse also provides some rejuvenating, stimulating properties for your scalp. “Lift your showerhead away, so the water is running through your hair,” he notes. (Think of it like a DIY rain shower, as opposed to spraying directly on the back of your head.) “The water helps to massage, and with cold water, it’s really nice.”

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